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Inkedibles Artisan Frosting Sheets Precut 1.25 inch (35 circles) Template


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Printer Templates
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Artisan Frosting Sheets
1.25 inch circles precut
Product Description:
35 precut circles
1.25 inch printing area

Standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheets
Works with any edible printer
Precut shape with easy peel


Step 1, Open
Step 2, Find your correct template
Step 3, Upload, crop & add images to your new template

Comment 1: Add the new template to your account
Comment 2: Open the download link


Step 1: Load the edible paper on your edible printer
Step 2: Press print to select photo quality settings
Step 3: When done, Put your prints inside a protective bag

Comment 1: Templates are saved & ready to re-print
Comment 2: For additional support visit the help forum



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Product line

Artisan Frosting Sheets

This template has 35 precut circles with

1.25 inch printing area

Sheets are 8 1/2 x 11 and work with any edible printer.

Precut sheets are intended to peel and use on the fly.

To design this template open

Find the correct size for your template

then upload, crop & add images to your template.

When you are ready, add the template to your account

view the details of your new design, to print click the download link.

The final part is printing the template.

Load the edible paper on your edible printer.

Press print and select photo quality settings, confirm and print.

When done printing, care for your prints by storing them inside a protective zip lock bag.

Under your account, all custom templates are saved to re-print when needed .


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