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1. Upload an image jpg only & view image in multiple cakes, cupcakes, cookies and decorations designs.
2. Add the image of your choice to the cart (Paypal for now).
3. Return to keep shopping or checkout.
4. You will receive your image in the mail with in 2-3 days. View shipping details
5. Keep it in room temperature
6. Peel of from backing and apply it on cake.

About Cake Decoration Technology

Gogo Cake is an online custom edible image designer. You can now upload your art, pictures, logos, patterns and have us customize it in seconds with our technology. You can preview cupcake images, cookie images, chocolate image and other forms of edible imaging applications. Our system can display live designs in multiple platforms such as IOS, Android, Windows, Ipad, Ipod and other mobile devices.

What is the right cake size?

The most common cake size is the 1/4 sheet and the 8 inch circle cake. A Full sheet cake will feed about 60-100 people, a Half Sheet 30-60 people and a Quarter Sheet 10-25 people. 8inch Circle will feed about 10-15 people and a 12 Inch will get you 20-30 if your slices are not to big.

Where to store the Edible Cake Image?

You may keep your image in a cool dark place away from the sunlight. Keep the image in it's plastic baggie until you are ready to use it. If you need to inspect your order, please close the bag properly. If left outside or exposed to air and sun, your image will dry, fade or become brittle.

How to apply the Edible Image?

The edible cake sticker comes with vinyl backing that allows you to peel it off like a sticker or decal. You should have your cake frosted and ready before, peel off and place the cake sticker on top. You will not be able to move the cake sticker from it's original place.

What frosting to use for Edible Cake Images?

You may use butter cream, royal icing, moose, fondant and other popular forms of icing. It can also be applied in chocolate, marshmallow, rice treats, cookie, flan and other similar surfaces. For dry surfaces like royal icing and fondant brush with water, icing or chocolate to secure the cake image.

What is the shelf life of Cake Images?

Shelf life for edible images are about 6 to 8 months if you keep them in the following conditions. Room temperature, No sun light and Cool place like kitchen cabinets.

What are Edible photos?

Edible photos also know as Cake Images, Edible Decals, Edible Decals, Cake Stickers, Edible Pictures are sugar prints made with edible materials and food coloring. Images are designed with a third party software such as PhotoShop or can be directly scanned. Photo Cakes started to get popularity in the late 90's and latter became main stream with character licensing by Disney, NFL, Movies, TV Shows, Video Games and other entreatment image categories.

What is an Edible Image Printer?

An edible printer is simply a printer with food coloring cartridges. Edible Ink manufactures choose printers that have detachable printing heads for cleaning purposes and printing cartridges that are easily reprogrammable for continuous usage. Some of this printers are Canon & Epson printers that are usually $200 - $300 USD. A study conducted in 2009 by Gogo Cake estimates the life time of this printers is about from 1 to 3 months depending on printing habits. The less you print the more it brakes. Gogo Cake does not use or endorse the usage of this printers. Contact us for the full report before you buy a printer.

What are Edible Image Cutters?

An edible cutter is a machine that cuts complex shapes with precession for your cake decorations or other edible projects. There are a hand full manufactures with open software design that will allow you to program the cutter machine directly from a desktop. You must calibrate your cutter to cut edible paper if you wish to do so. This machines where designed to cut papers and fabric.